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You can rely on steel. Together we find solutions.

You can rely on steel. Together we find solutions.

Safe steel: You can rely on steel. Together we find solutions (worldsteel key message)

For the steel industry customer care is not just about quality control and products at the right time and price, but also enhanced value through product development and the service we provide. We collaborate with our customers to improve steel types and grades constantly, helping to make the customer manufacturing process more effective and efficient.

Key facts:

  • The steel industry publishes the advanced high-strength steels application guidelines, actively assisting automakers in applying them.
  • The steel industry provides steel life cycle inventory data of 17 key products which helps customers understand the overall environmental impact of their products.
  • The steel industry proactively participates in national and regional certification schemes, helping to inform customers and enhance supply chain transparency.
  • The steel industry invests over €80 million in research projects in the automotive sector alone in order to meet customers’ changing needs.